Crochet · World Cup project


The  other day I sat down and read a blog by Attic 24. It turns out that it’s written by the wife of someone a friend of mine used to work with (complicated), which is completely by-the-by but I do like these little life connections!

It’s a really lovely and interesting crochet blog that I will definitely be keeping tabs on. Whilst clicking around I came across a post that Lucy had written about a project she’s working on for her local yarn event, Yarndale, to create a beautiful display of Mandalas.

Sooooooo…………………… I got involved and made a Mandala using Lucy’s pattern for display! Posted it off this afternoon and I have my fingers crossed it’ll make it in time for the end of June deadline. Ta-dah!


Nothing like a last minute project!

It was a quick and easy make and produces a beautiful finished product. I’m totally addicted (very possibly suffering from mandalitis) and I’ve already started my next one (of a pair) to go on my bedside table.

I can’t wait to see what the finished display looks like. Now, how can I swing a trip to Yarndale to see it?!

Happy crocheting!




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