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World Cup WIPs!

Well, it’s over. Germany won and deservedly so. Congratulations also to the Netherlands for their third place victory and my subsequent £6 win in the work sweepstake!

But I know you’re all desperate to know how I got on with my WIPs and planned projects over the last four weeks. Not too bad actually! Less of the WIPs completed than projects started but, you can’t win them all.

Here we go (including those blogged about):

  • Knitting bag for my newly-knitting friend! on the list
  • Jenny’s faith shawl (started, not finished but progressing nicely) in a very pale, mint-green yarn new project, now a WIP!

  • Boxy Pouch (finished during the World Cup, fixed afterwards…… I’m counting it!) on the list

  • April Showers table runner on the list
  • April Showers coasters to match table runner! I still have lots of that lovely fabric left over, so I’m planning on making a couple of mug rugs as well stash-busting added extra

  • Some super secret goodies soon to be blogged about 🙂 WIPs and new projects

Didn’t manage to work on my Christmas themed WIPs…… But not too bad a haul! Shame I had to work – imagine what I could have achieved!!

And just for good measure I made American style pancakes for the first time 😉

I hope you all enjoyed the World Cup, or at least managed to make the most of it 🙂


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