Crochet · Knitting


I popped out to my LYS the other day. Oops.

I came back with all this and a couple of crochet hooks!!



I’m planning on making one or two of these baskets from Made With Loops blog because they look lovely and one can never have too many useful containers, am I right?

The teeny tiny 10g Opal sock balls were bought under the pretence of being  used for The Beekeepers Quilt, which looks AMAZING but I’m under no illusions that I’ll manage to start or finish it. It is consigned to the Wish List Twice Removed for now – the one where I just gaze adoringly at patterns I’d love to complete if there were 36 hours in a day and 9 days in a week. For now I think I’ll just gaze and giggle at the tiny yarn balls.

The Katia Azteca just caught my eye for its beautiful colour combinations. I think this will just be a very simple giant Granny Square blanket – I want something that works up quickly and doesn’t detract from the colours. I might need to increase the stash though 😉 Does anyone know of an Easy Granny Square pattern that is perhaps slightly less holey?

Happy yarning y’all!



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