Triple-zip pouch

In a couple of weeks, a lovely friend of ours is heading off to Thailand to teach for two years. We’re actually just back from visiting him to say goodbye, which has made me a little sad. But it’s the start of an adventure for him and I couldn’t be more happy for that.

So, obviously, he had to have a leaving present. Bearing in mind he’s moving halfway around the world, I wanted to make him something useful and small enough that he could take with him if he wanted.

Enter the triple-zip pouch by A Quilter’s Table! And here are my chosen colours and fabrics.



A lovely little pattern that stitches us quickly. I got a little confused towards the end but found this useful tutorial to help.

And here is the finished product 🙂


And just as a little extra, I made a Lego teacher at the Lego shop in Stratford! 😀


Happy sewing everyone!




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