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Fundamental errors!

Oops. So I realised today I’ve been crocheting incorrectly. I had misunderstood the structure of creating the crochet stitch, and I’ve been picking up the wrong loop on my following rounds.

Not a huge problem for the things I’ve made so far and at least I’ve been consistent! I was picking up the loop ahead of the loop I should have picked up, essentially moving the row along one stitch.

It does give my squares a slight wiggle round the edges:

But NOW! Now my squares are square yippee!


It’s a learning curve, this crafting thing πŸ™‚

So are there any fundamental errors you’ve realised after months (or years) of learning a skill?

Happy crocheting!


5 thoughts on “Fundamental errors!

  1. This sounds exactly like my crocheting. I think I have it.. and then I do something weird or dont understand a bit of the pattern (and just crack on anyway haha!) Right now, I think Ive got it sorted, but I just need to make something new crocheted, and Im sure the same feeling will come back!

    1. Hehe, the pattern for the shawl I’m also crocheting at the moment gets a bit confusing in places, so there are bits I’ve totally made up! Seems to be working out so far though! ☺️ if your crochet is anything like the rest of the beautiful things you make I’m sure you do ok! x

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