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MCAL Update

Here we go!

I’ve definitely been getting my crochet on lately. All thirteen Victorian lattice squares complete, despite the major crochet learning curve along the way:

Hooray! Most excitingly, I got them all finished before the second part of the pattern was released! This never happens *pats self on back*. I’m loving the Katia Azteca colourways too, they’re really producing some interesting colour patterns in my blocks.

Then, disaster. After desperately waiting all day for the next pattern release (damn you time zones) I printed the instructions for part 2 and jumped on the train heading for Cambridge (this was an intentional, not just some quiet crochet time!) and I struggled through making the half-square motif:

The pattern is written by a different lady and in a different style. Don’t get me wrong, that’s fine and I’m totally appreciative of the time spent writing this and putting the whole CAL together for us to do, it was just difficult to get my head around and I got a little frustrated with it. I’m hoping that once its all joined together you won’t notice that it curves slightly. Plus, with having to do 13 squares I’d learnt the pattern and so they became an easy thing to work up quickly.

HOWEVER, the lovely Rachele at Scrappy Blanket has re-written her instructions to make them more in keeping with the original pattern, so I’ve printed them off and will give it another go on the train to London tomorrow!

I will keep going with the CAL because despite a  frustrating train ride I’m really enjoying the patterns and I think it’s going to make a beautiful blanket when finished.

I’ll keep posting update photos on my Instagram feed, but if anyone wants to join in then details can be found here and the Victorian lattice square pattern is here.

Good luck and happy crocheting!



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