Christmas · Embroidery

Lilipopo Stitchalong

As you’ve probably realised by now, I’m easily distracted by something new. Especially if that something new is pretty.

This is a website of pretty. And it distracted me!

So, unable to let things pass me by, I have started to play catch up to the Lilpopo Christmas lists stitchalong πŸ™‚

She’s just so adorable; I’m loving stitching her. Being a little late to the party, I have completed the hat, but still need to do the face & hair and the dress, then eagerly await the next part. I think embroidery is so pretty, but like many things, is fairly new to me. I know various bits and pieces about crafting because I’m very fortunate to have a creative, crafty mum (love you Mum!).

Look out for #lilipopostitches on Instagram to follow along with the project!

Happy stitching everyone!



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