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Birthday Reveal!

A birthday reveal! I know I’m safe to blog about this one as I was there when the present was opened 🙂

One of my loveliest friends; in fact the lovely friend whom I recently taught how to knit has his birthday this month. A keen runner, he’s worked so hard over the last couple of years to change his lifestyle, and he has become a running machine! I’m so proud of him and everything he’s achieved.

When I saw this website, I just couldn’t resist choosing him one for his birthday:

The Medal Hanger Shop

What a perfect way to show off your collection of medals! And so he should; I hope he’s proud of what he’s accomplished and the amazing race times he’s got.

Another of our habits is to visit Starbucks fairly regularly. Probably more than we should, hehe. We do have those reusable cups they sell (you save 25p back every time you use it – I’ve saved a fortune!), but I felt they were lacking a certain je ne sais quoi…..


Who doesn’t love a ‘tashe on their coffee cosy?

Just a little pattern note for those interested, I used Stylecraft DK with 4mm DPNs and actually cast on 44 stitches to get a cosy that fits the reusable Starbucks cups – equivalent to a Grande I believe.

Hopefully it’ll get plenty of use in the chilly months ahead.

Happy knitting!


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