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October birthday Reveal: 2

Another of my loveliest friends had her birthday last month (I will swear in a court of law she is not a day over 29), and for various reasons delivery of her birthday present was delayed, hence this post being in November!

My lovely friend is having one or two stresses at the moment and whilst she is dealing with them MARVELLOUSLY, over the next few months I know she will be cutting back and spending more time at home to save the pennies *lightbulb flickers*.

She’s also being saying recently that she’d like to learn to crochet *sparks begin to fly from lightbulb*, and we had a good chat about house décor in which she was saying how she was inspired by colours that reminded her of nature *a radiance brighter than the sun bursts forth from lightbulb*

Attic 24 Coast Ripple Blanket – Wool Warehouse
Attic 24 Coast Pack – Wool Warehouse

Yep, got her the gorgeous Attic 24 Coast Ripple blanket kit for her birthday! And if she decides its not for her, I’ll swap it for some John Lewis vouchers before disowning her forever. Plus I got her a range of crochet hooks and made her his cute little crochet hook roll using a tutorial from Today We Made:

So fingers crossed she likes it! Now she has no excuse not to learn to crochet 🙂 I’d be willing to try, but I crochet back to front so that may not be the stress-free start she needs…………………

Happy crocheting!


4 thoughts on “October birthday Reveal: 2

  1. Wow, you are a lovely friend! I wish I got something like that for my birthday!
    I cant complain though, my hubby just encouraged me to buy another industrial sewing machine; a cover stitch with multiple binding attachments for collars and edges. Ahhh!
    I bet your friend will love it 🙂

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