I love to run

I love to run. Running is good for me. And by that I mean it’s good for me physically, obvs, but it’s good for ME. Scientifically it releases endorphins – those little happy chemical parcel things that make you feel gooooood.

It makes me feel like I’ve achieved something with my day-especially when I run at lunchtime because it leaves the whole evening free for all that fun stuff. I can get a good 4 miles into a lunch break if I get my act together. It clears your head and gets your blood pumping, allegedly making you more productive at work 😉 it can turn a tough, miserable, bugger of a day around.

Although sometimes I run on my own, mostly I run with my friend. He is a necessity for me. I’m naturally a lazy person, and if I didn’t have him to cajole me into going out when the weathers not too great or when I’m really tired then my running would have stopped a while ago! Running with him is fun, we often have a giggle and some random conversations as our brain patterns wander. And sometimes when I’m finding the going tough he drives me insane with his babbling as he tries to take my mind off how many miles are left to go. I love to run with him.

I won’t bore you with the details, but I have some problems with my Achilles’ tendons, so while I run to be healthy, the more I run the more they are affected and so the more they hurt. I will at some point be having surgery to try and stop the problems. It’s a frustrating situation!

This time of year is great for running. The air is chilly, and you can breathe it in deep as you layer up and hit the streets. Running the same routes regularly means you can watch as the seasons change, when otherwise you might just stay in the office and miss it all.

How many times have I put the world to rights, or organised my life as I’ve run? Loads. Although often I think about cake. And extra helpings of dinner. And cookies. And cake. And about how I will be able to have a hot shower and snuggle down on the sofa with an aura of righteousness that will probably offend anyone who comes within ten feet of me. Like I said, I’m lazy. And I love cake.

Thank you for reading my random thoughts-normal creative service will resume forthwith!


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