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This week I have mostly been….

….doing a lot of odds and ends.

Nothing that so far screams ‘give me a blog post of my own!’ But, things that still make me happy!

This Zpagetti cushion from Annaboo’s House has been troublesome. I thought it would be a quick and easy make, and in many ways it was-it came together pretty fast. But boy, was it hard work!! A full on gym workout knitting that one up! And then stuffing it with a duvet (for which I’m on to my third attempt to get the correct tog weight for the desired sturdiness of said cushion). But we’re almost there and it will make a great footrest and emergency floor cushion. I think though that I need a better duvet cover because you an definitely see a lot of it through the stitches.

A long time ago, my mum bought me this beautiful yarn and I’ve been saving it for an appropriate pattern to put it to use. I think I’ve decided on the Hitchhiker. Given the impending deadline of Christmas (sadly this is an inflexible date) I’ll be saving this for another time. But I’m so pleased to have decided finally.

I’ve also been having a little secret Christmas crafty time, here’s a sneak peek at a couple of the projects:

Oh and I made a pumpkin pie! I’ve been curious about this, so after my lovely friend tracked down the pumpkin-in-a-tin for me, I thought I’d give it a go and see what all the fuss is about. It’s very sweet and kind of okay, but that’s about it. I’d eat it again though. I took the rest into work to see if it lived up to the expectations of my American colleagues and for all the others to try and it went down a treat!

I’ve also started my Attic24 CAL – beautifully soft Stylecraft yarn. I’ve decided to go for rainbow stripes after I saw some of the pictures Lucy posted where she played around with the colours. I feel a bit naughty deviating from Lucy’s patterns but I’ve made my colour card and I cannot be swayed! It’s a really simple, great for in front of the tv, cosy relaxed pattern, and I’m loving how it looks.

And finally, I saw my Mum and Dad at the weekend, which was lovely, and my mum surprised me with this:

I can’t wait to use these beautiful threads! Thank you Mummy 🙂


Lest we forget 1914-2014

2 thoughts on “This week I have mostly been….

    1. Ah thank you-I’m loving my rainbow stripes, its getting better every day 🙂
      And oh my goodness yes, an entire double duvet 😳 and there might be another one soon…. Xx

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