Calligraphy · Paper cutting

Broadening my crafty horizons

Well! I sit here writing this as it rains outside. It is a dull, miserable day but I’ve been a busy bee the last few days trying out a couple of new crafts which I will share with you now!

On Thursday night I spent a lovely evening in the company of some lovely ladies at Baker & Barista just up the road from where I live, learning the art of paper cutting with Emma Daniels.

It’s harder than it looks! But I was surrounded by some very creative minds, and as a class we produced some beautiful pieces. Emma really has some stunning designs and it was a privilege to see some of those up close. I stuck to a simple design, and it still took me almost two hours to create! But I enjoyed it so much I did purchase a gorgeous food based calendar for my Mum and a paper-cutting starter pack for me.

Then yesterday I jumped on the train and zoomed through the countryside to The Big Smoke. I started with a trip to the Natural History Museum to see the incredible Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition. I then popped to Kensington Gardens to say hi to Peter Pan.


Yesterday afternoon I was enrolled on a calligraphy course run by Chiara of Lamplighter London and Lucy of Quill London.

Held in the back room of The Blacksmith and The Toffeemaker, we were plied with cake and introduced to the world of modern calligraphy. Slightly scary to start with, nerves reduced as we practised basic shapes before moving on to letters and phrases.

Eventually we moved on to phrases:


It was a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon, as as we were allowed to keep our tools I’ll definitely be practising at home! (It currently resembles the writing one associates with witches spellbooks….. Still, practise makes perfect!)

Has anyone tried anything new lately?




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