Christmas · Review

The Month In Review – December 🎄

Goodness me, what a month! December, unsurprisingly is dominated by Christmas. Not just the day itself, but the run up to it with the present making and buying, the wrapping, the Post Office queues and all the social events. Not to mention the Christmas coffee specials, the tree decorating and the food!

So whilst it’s been a quiet month on the blogging side it certainly hasn’t been quiet on any other side! On Boxing Day I revealed all the gifts I’d been working on, and earlier this month I took part in a Santa fun run around Ipswich.

I think I single-handedly kept Royal Mail afloat this year judging by the amount I spent on postage.

I also helped a friend of mine make an advent calendar as a gift for her Mum and Dad:

As someone who is fairly new to sewing I think she did a great job with minimal supervision from me! She can now thread my sewing machine correctly from top to bottom. This potentially makes me redundant 😉 The pattern is one from Prima magazine, that my Mum has kept safe since the 80’s.

I’ve FINALLY finished my cushion! I stuffed it with two 4.5 tog double duvets wrapped in a sheet, although it took three of us to accomplish that. It came in very comfortable when wrapping Christmas presents I can tell  you! It looks a little lopsided in that picture but it’s sorting itself out with use.

Over the last week or so, I’ve managed to see many friends and family, some of whom I only see once or twice a year. And to me, that’s a really important part of my Christmas break. Now it’s time for a few day rest at home with my lovely Other Half.

*sinks down quietly into the sofa*

I hope you’ve all had a wonderful December and 2014 🙂


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