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Hello!!!! Fancy seeing you here?!?

I realise it’s been a while…… And I must say that although I have missed you all terribly, I have been studying like you wouldn’t believe, so from that point of view it’s been a success. Sadly there’s a few more months to come of this, but rest assured – although I am not blogging regularly at the moment, it doesn’t mean creative things haven’t been happening! 🙂

There’s been some of this:

and some of this:

and always plenty of this!

So, in reference to the pics above, I made a cushion cover for a lovely lady and her fella for their new home. She chose the clocks – I have to admit, I wasn’t sure. That pattern didn’t jump out at me as one of the best CK options, but it translated into a cushion marvellously. She chose well!

I’ve started on the Drachenfels shawl. Yes, I know, I didn’t need another project. But it was calling to me, and it would have been terribly rude of me to ignore it, no? I’m making slow progress as I tend to only catch five minutes of knitting time here and there but it’s knitting up beautifully.

And, another little owl – for a friend of a friend with a love of knitted owls. And an unrelated chocolate orange. Which was delicious.

Remember my friend who made the advent calendar? Well, she’s getting creative again, this time making some elephants:

I love the bright, bold colours she chose. She’s becoming an absolute pro with my sewing machine, which very soon is going to leave me totally redundant 😦

I’m still getting excited every time a new issue of Quilt Now comes out:

And my lovely, LOVELY friend purchased me some ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS embroidery threads for Christmas:

We had a very sad time at work last month, when two beloved colleagues packed up all their belongings and moved back to the US after two years of living and working here in the UK. Conscious they wouldn’t want too much to carry, I stitched them a little pic which I hope they loved and will serve as a reminder of their time here:

And finally, I think my last thing to report on for now is the class I took at my LYS, Jenny Wren’s a few weeks ago. I have learned Tunisian crochet!

Apart from feeling very accomplished because I’d learned a new skill, I had a wonderful afternoon with some very creative ladies (and some fabulous cake!). I can’t wait to make something big and chunky and warm. It’s a bit of an odd technique; because you crochet two rows for every one row of crochet (and by that, I mean you do a forward pass and a return pass, and on the return you crochet into the middle of the chain rather than into the top as you would normally) you end up with almost a double thickness material.

Well, I think that’s about all for now! I hope it won’t be as long until I blog again, but it’s all on behalf of the Greater Good so we’ll see!

Lots of love



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