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I’m still here! 

I’m definitely still around I promise! Creativity is bubbling along in the background whilst I study for my insurance exams. Phase 1 is complete, just Phases 2, 3 and 4 to go….

See? There really is studying! Complete with end of Phase 1 celebrations!

SO, what has been going on?

SOCKS! That’s what’s been going on.

I am two lessons in (one to go) on a sock-knitting course at my LYS, from whom I will not unashamedly pinch a photo of our second lesson, but I will give you a link so you can look if you wish!! Here is my sock so far – I’ve made it past the heel whoop:

I made this cute little basket from the Riley Blake blog which is just the right size for a sock project, and a perfect way to spend a wet and windy Saturday afternoon.

There’s been some baking – no pictures, soz – but I made some churro cupcakes which turned out to be the fastest disappearing cakes I’ve ever taken into work, and a chocolate and Baileys cheesecake NOM. Seems cheesecake makes a great Sunday breakfast 😉

Did anyone see anything of the solar eclipse? It was a bit disappointing in London – just got a bit overcast. However, something else rather marvellous and potentially more significant happened…..

I’ve decided to start giving the lovely friends I craft with identities, otherwise it’s going to get super confusing down the line. So, lovely friend that I taught to knit and who comes to the Friday lunchtime knitting club with me is RP. He’s a runner too, somewhat faster than me but keeps me company as I plod round at lunchtime, which is lovely. He’s decided to learn crochet next after completing some very successful scarves for family members. I’ve taught him the very basics (I let him loose on my Attic 24 blanket!) and tomorrow morning, RP and I will be having a crochet lesson before work to start a granny square. Watch out Costa!

Speaking of crochet, as you can see below, my blanket is still unfinished. I’m almost two thirds of the way there, and I’m just adding stripes as and when I get five minutes.


My other lovely friend that has featured in these pages is KG. She’s the one who made the fabulous Christmas stockings and who has recently moved into the world of elephant softies. Excitingly, she now has her own sewing machine so I’ll be popping round there to help her get set up and sorted very soon.

I guess the last lovely friend to mention is TO. One of the most clever and generous people you could hope to meet, he’s currently out in Thailand teaching. My OH (Other Half) and I are in the middle of planning a trip to see him in the summer and I can’t wait. It’ll be so nice! I’ll freely admit it terrifies me – Thailand is so completely out of my comfort zone – but I trust TO and his sense of adventure 🙂

That’s it for now I think. I’ll check in again soon – thank you all for sticking with me!


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