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The Month In Review – August

Phew, another busy month for me! It doesn’t feel like I got much finished, but I think I’ve made good progress on some projects. MCAL Victorian Lattice Getting there! Ideally by now I’d have 8 of the half-squares (on the right) and 4 quarter-squares (for the corners) but I’m a little behind. The next instalment… Continue reading The Month In Review – August


Blondes have more fun? Yes, I think so!

Last weekend I popped to Norwich to see some of my lovely girlies for some wine and a gossip under the pretence of Book Club. Turned into a tipsy Disney sing-a-long instead, but that’s another story…. Our lovely hostess had made Blondies; they were totally delicious and I’ve not been able to get them out… Continue reading Blondes have more fun? Yes, I think so!